We combine STEM with the science of music and communication to enable children to access 100% of their cognitive potential


Youth engage in both informal, beyond school settings (home use) and more formal educational environments, guided by parents or educators

Learning Tools

We deliver an engaging animated series, live-action videos, interactive tools, game-based learning, and creative experiences for youth


We offer highly engaging online programs that learners follow at their own pace, receiving lessons via videos, games, and live interactions

BioMusic Kidz Logo with Caruso

What is BioMusic Science & Imagination Works?

BSIW media is designed to electrify the untapped brain/body potential of youth—something typically overlooked by other learning approaches. In essence, we are providing rocket fuel for young brains! 

  • We develop animated programming, games, and digital learning tools—all designed to fascinate learners as they explore the science of sound and music-making.
  • We propel youth into discovering the deep structures of positive communication in nature. By using their innate musicality and their fascination with music and animals, youth make connections between we humans and the natural world while discovering the power of our sound environments as both musical and sonic communications. Our tools also support building scientific knowledge, strengthening critical thinking skills…  AND having a great time!
  • We carry youth through the wondrous world of BioMusic with animated and live videos, interactive tools and games, and pit-stops along the way for real-life interactions with the natural world. 
  • We reprogram how children connect and communicate with the world, so we can equip them with new ways to meaningfully communicate with each other and with other species.
  • We empower parents and educational providers who seek to remain on the cutting edge of learning with the tools to transform the youth they support.

Why Did We Create BioMusic Science & Imagination Works?

Our mission is to develop engaging, cutting-edge youth media capable of broadening and strengthening children’s capacities to meet the challenges of the 21st century. We are motivated by the idea that general intelligence, not specific skill sets, will be the future of work, and preparing our children for the future is our number one job.

How We Are Making a Difference

Our programs build on both long-recognized and emerging human and animal communication and BioMusic sciences. We have worked long hours converting this breadth of research into effective, simple media and learning tools that that builds the perfect balance between brain food and fun! Here’s a glimpse at the science: 

Dolphin Crew

Musical communication systems are biology and are intimately connected to STEM.

Caruso swoons

The brain is in a state of flux during childhood. We call this neural plasticity, which allows young people the capacity to learn information extremely fast and retain that information for long periods of time. 

Caruso's Wild Sounds Logo

Non-verbal Communication is the key to bridging connections between humans, animals, and the environment.

Ronan the Sea Lion

Intelligence is flexible! Stimulating creative learning builds young brains faster and unfolds pathways toward expanded intelligence. 

Cockatoo Snowball from Caruso's Wild Sounds

Emotional intelligence is different from general intelligence and one of the most sought after skills for the future. 

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