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Music Engagement and Cognitive Development in Kids

BioMusicKidz uses the latest neuroscience research to ground its approach. Our methodology focuses on how young brains and kids’ developmental growth actually happens and how to sharpen their learning trajectory.  For instance: Are there specific ways to enhance your child’s language abilities, increase attention span, and extend working memory?  As a parent, you understand theRead more

Bonobo (Kanzi) Teaches Me How To Structure the Research

Important to what we are doing at BioMusicKidz is building on new research. The research range is broad and includes many social species, including humans. The story below demonstrates how an ape participates in helping guide new scientific research and knowledge. After Peter Gabriel’s remarkable musical encounter with this special group of bonobos, I wasRead more

Cross-Species Music-Making: A Real Phenomenon (ft. Peter Gabriel)

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There is a very special group of bonobos who began their lives at Georgia State University (GSU) in a very privileged setting. Scientists were studying bonobos’ capacities to language the way we humans do. There were no expectations of them vocalizing words since they don’t have the physical apparatus to do that. But engaging inRead more

Feeling the Beat! The Science Behind All Those Groovy Birds

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You’re listening to a great track—something that really rocks you—and you start swaying in time, moving to the beat. You’re in the groove! Right? Not with me? Watch THIS But how did that happen? Your brain does it automatically. You don’t learn it; it just happens. It’s essential to be human. Infants and toddlers doRead more

BioMusic Science Exhibition

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What is music? Where does it come from? Are we the only musicians on earth?  These fascinating and profound scientific questions bring together many different types of researchers to wrestle with answers for these complex topics. But they also greatly interest everyone—from young children to grandparents. Why? Because we humans are born musical and weRead more

BioMusic’s Gray Attends MIT’s Net at 50 to Discuss the Interspecies Internet

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Patricia Gray, our CEO, recently was invited to participate in MIT’s Interspecies Internet Workshop.  Attendees included Vince Cerf, Diana Reiss, Peter Gabriel, and Neil Gershenfeld. The vision, based on promising trials and past experimental studies in interspecific communication is to explore whether it is possible to achieve new forms of interspecies communication using the Internet and otherRead more

BioMusic Kidz CEO Featured in Science Podcast

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Patricia Gray, our CEO, recently was featured on the Future Fossils podcast. Listen to the episode via your favorite podcast device here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/18878021 More about Dr. Gray: Patricia Gray, Ph.D.,  is an animal music researcher, working with all kinds of creatures (humans, whales, songbirds, bonobos, even coral reefs) to understand what functions pitch and rhythm have inRead more

Caruso’s Wild Sounds

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The BioMusic Kidz is working on a transformative animated children’s program, Caruso’s Wild Sounds!  Season 1 will include 12 episodes, each 22-minutes in length, and episode content will be flexible enough to fit a variety of broadcast and streaming delivery formats. The property will also include a connected interactive Web site and mobile apps featuring fun learningRead more