BioMusic’s Gry Attends MIT’s Net at 50 to Discuss the Interspecies Internet

Net at 50 MIT Event

Patricia Gray, our CEO, recently was invited to participate in MIT’s Interspecies Internet Workshop.  Attendees included Vince Cerf, Diana Reiss, Peter Gabriel, and Neil Gershenfeld.

The vision, based on promising trials and past experimental studies in interspecific communication is to explore whether it is possible to achieve new forms of interspecies communication using the Internet and other forms of interactivity. Perhaps one day, the interspecies internet may lead to an intergalactic internet — a way for humans to communicate with aliens.


BioMusic Kidz CEO Featured in Science Podcast

Patricia Gray on Future Fossils
Patricia Gray, our CEO, recently was featured on the Future Fossils podcast. Listen to the episode via your favorite podcast device here: More about Dr. Gray: Patricia Gray, Ph.D.,  is an animal music researcher, working with all kinds of creatures (humans, whales, songbirds, bonobos, even coral reefs) to understand what functions pitch and rhythm have in animal communication, how the sound of our living planet is actually a symphony of hidden meaning, and how to improve our lives by embracing the innate musicality of our human brains. Patricia’s research Web site can be found here:  

Caruso’s Wild Sounds

Caruso and frog

The BioMusic Kidz is working on a transformative animated children’s program, Caruso’s Wild Sounds!  Season 1 will include 12 episodes, each 22-minutes in length, and episode content will be flexible enough to fit a variety of broadcast and streaming delivery formats. The property will also include a connected interactive Web site and mobile apps featuring fun learning tools that extend the science and music topics introduced in the animated series! Follow our blog to find out the latest on Caruso’s Wild Sounds.